Friday, May 15, 2015

Just in case....

Just in case you don't follow me on all the social medias....

Our baby boy is due October 15, which makes me 18 weeks now. We're over the moon excited!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Last year on Mother's Day, poor M was so sick and feverish, and it was a sad day full of baby Motrin and a lot of couch snuggles. This year, though, she was (thankfully) feeling great and we had a wonderful family day together. A fun day with just the three of us was all I really wanted!

Our morning began at church where we got our photo taken together. M wasn't really up for smiling!

We headed to brunch at The Liberty, where in true toddler fashion, M wouldn't eat the fries that came with her grilled cheese because they had "gween things" (parsley) on them. Your loss, kiddo!

I had an awesome French Toast and J got a Nicoise Salad. It was a wonderful lunch!

After lunch we played for a little while at Latta Park, and then headed home for nap time to M's dismay. After nap time we spent the rest of the evening on the deck playing in her water table and J grilled us dinner.

J is not a steak guy, but I love a good grilled steak, so he was wonderful husband and went big for my Mother's Day dinner. He got us steaks at Block and Grinder and they were SO good. He's a keeper. 

Hope all of my mom friends had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Loves Lately

A few random loves of ours lately....

I found this concealer thanks to my friend Elisabeth on instagram. I have always had dark circles under my eyes, and this is the best stuff I've ever used. The coverage is wonderful without being cakey. Highly recommend! I found mine at Ulta and link above is for Amazon.

I discovered this one from my pal Kate, and guys, if you're a mom and a podcast fan, this is a great one! They discuss so many aspects of parenting, some funny, some make me a little emotional, and some episodes are just plain interesting. I also love that most are pretty short (25-35 min) so I can listen to a full one while doing a chore during nap time. 

I know, I already shared this pic on instagram when these shoes first arrived in the mail last month, but it's time to share my thoughts. I was skeptical to spend $35 on a pair of toddler shoes that weren't a sturdy pair of tennis shoes...would it be worth it? So many moms seem to love them, and I have to admit, they're pretty cute! But I was still weary. And now after wearing them almost everyday for the past month, YES. They were so well worth it. We love them! They are so easy to put on her. They don't get dirty. They're cute with 95% of her clothes. I love them. They are a summer staple in her wardrobe!

J sent this to me yesterday and I was rolling with laughter! If you are a Game of Thrones fan, click above and watch. My favorite line..."people have mistaken me for a pile of crows." Dead!

Friday, May 1, 2015

April Wrap Up

April...where in the world did you go??

Clearly, I've dropped the ball on blogging lately. I managed to post once last month, and it wasn't because of lack of content, I suppose it was more related to the fact that we've just been busy, and in my free time last month I did more reading for fun than blogging or blog reading. 

A few highlights from the last month (some of which have already been overshared on my instagram)....

-I lost a great uncle in the middle of the month, so in the span of 5 days, M and I traveled for 20 hours in the car to attend his funeral in Delaware. We did 10 of those hours with my mom in the car with us, but the other 10 were done on our own. I am so thankful for portable DVD players and digital movies on ipads after that trip! She really did quite well, all things considering, and I'm so glad we went and were able to see so much family who she had never met. 

- We attended quite a few birthday parties for pals of M last month. Lots of spring birthdays! I know a little girl who didn't mind the extra sugar!

- I  had two baby showers last month, both for sweet friends who are due in May and June! I had to miss one for the funeral, but enjoyed attending the other for my friend Michelle. I love showering new moms and shopping for them off their registry now that I'm a mom. Anyone else enjoy it? Maybe because I loved having a newborn and I enjoy reliving those memories?

- We tried a German restaurant out one evening last month for dinner. We went kind of on a whim, not really sure what to expect, but it was really really good! I love schnitzel, and anyone who serves pretzel rolls while you're waiting for your entree gets a gold star from me! 

-Have I mentioned our Bunco group my friend Katie and I started in Charlotte? We play once a month and it's so much fun to get together with those girls. It's a nice night away to socialize with such great girls, and if I win money that's just an added bonus! This past month, our friend Sarah hosted, and I'm still dreaming of the homemade pimento cheese she shared with us.

- M had her first manicure and pedicure last month! She's always pointing out what color nails I have (when they're actually painted) so I bought her some Piggie Paint and we painted hers. She now wants pink nails all the time. 

-My church is doing a sermon series right now on your thoughts/thought life and it's been so so good for me. I have taken so much away from the sermons each week. If you're interested you can listen via podcast (search for New Charlotte Church on itunes, it's the Train Station series). You can also listen on your computer here

- We took care of my good friend's cat while she was away on spring break at the beginning of the month. I am so not a cat person, but my tiny child loves them (all animals really), so it was a fun treat for her to get to go and take care of Foster the orange cat for a week! She makes me laugh though because she talks to him like he's a dog and expects him to listen like a dog. Sorry kiddo, cats don't work that way!

-We started the process of building a garage! We are in the very early beginning stages, but if weather works out, we hope to have it done by the end of the summer. It will be detached, and we're currently toying with the idea of adding a breezeway between it and the house. There's a few tricky pieces about this with the way our house sits and the property lines and windows (I don't want to lose sunlight inside our house!), but J and I are so excited! He's pumped to have a workspace with all of his tools, and I just can't wait to have a place to put strollers, bikes, and other outdoor toys. I also like the idea of being able to buckle M into her seat without getting wet on rainy days. 

- We got M her first passport this past month! It took a bit of work (ie driving 40 min to South Carolina) since only a select few Charlotte post offices offer passport services and the ones that do require an appointment to get a passport application completed, and the woman we spoke with said they had no availability till the end of June, so off to South Carolina we went. The good news is, we now have her passport in hand (and it's hilarious) and we're ready a for a fun vacation this month!

And finally, because what's a post without a favorite photo from April.
Hoping to be back more this month! No promises though!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has come and gone! I love Easter, for many reasons, but one of them is the real start of spring! I know the first day of spring was really a few weeks ago, but I love embracing our white sandals and the sunshine now. I could do without the overabundance of pollen, but we'll survive (barely...M and I are both on heavy doses of Zyrtec these days). 

We started Easter weekend with a birthday party for one of M's pals on Friday morning. A birthday party + an egg hunt were the perfect way to start the weekend.

We came home from the party and had some lunch, and then my family got here shortly before M's nap time. Spending time with them is always a treat for all of us! Before her nap, M got an Easter basket full of goodies from them. She scored 2 new movies for her collection, and it's all she'll talk about now ("Gigi got me Pooh and Tiana's movie!"). After M's nap, we took her to the playground where she showed off and played for a solid hour, and then came home to a great dinner. J made a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs on Friday night (spaghetti noodles from Pasta and Provisions!) and it was delicious! 

Saturday morning we dyed our eggs! M had fun, but she lost interest after about half an hour. 

Oh well, our eggs turned out pretty!

We had a yummy lunch out at Mac's BBQ

After lunch, my mom and I went to the new(ish) outlets in Charlotte. We both went just wanting to check it out, but both left with a new purse after finding a super sale at Kate Spade. I am so not a fancy handbag girl, but this sale is was insanely good, and I'm now excited to have a great, nice purse that I will use on those nights when I get to go out without a sippy cup and a snack cup of goldfish. I know fellow toddler moms understand!

Saturday evening, my parents sent us out to dinner on our own while M stayed with them. It was nice to get out and have dinner with just J. The following morning my family left early so my brother could get back to Richmond for a commitment he had there. We said our goodbyes and headed to church, and came home and she got her Easter basket, and we got a few pictures. I adore M's Easter dress this year. I want it to fit her forever!

I love my sweet girl!

Quite the cheesy smile here...I promise this was a smile and not an "I'm in pain" face!

Hope your family had a great holiday weekend!