Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Once again, it's time to talk about my most favorite holiday tradition...Christmas cards
This is our seventh year using Shutterfly to do our Christmas cards, and like every year in the past, I was equally excited to find that orange box on my doorstep this year! 

This Christmas I chose the Sparkling Stars Card on their signature card stock, and I just love the finished product, especially the gold foil stamped "Merry Christmas" on the front! I chose a picture of both kids for the front, and then we did a mini birth announcement for T on the back.

I also chose a fun snowflake liner for the inside of my envelopes this year. Just one more thing to add a little extra cheer to the cards.

To go with the cards, I also chose a coordinating return address sticker and gift stickers. Shutterfly really does have it all!

In addition to our cards and stationery needs, Shutterfly also hooked us up with this precious BPA free, melamine plate for Santa when he comes to visit. M can't wait to leave cookies out for Santa on here. Wouldn't this also make a sweet gift for some special kids in your life? 

Each year I like to do a family ornament, and since this is T's first Christmas, we needed a "First Christmas" ornament. Here's what we chose from Shutterfly. Are these not precious?? They're double sided and made of metal and come with a ribbon attached. I just love them!

And finally, if you're my mom, stop reading ;)

We got my mom a special gift from Shutterfly, and it might be my favorite gift for the season!

We got my mom a gold jean bangle bracelet with two charms, one with her initial and one with a picture of her grandbabies. I like that this is like an updated version of a locket, and the quality is so nice. I have a feeling it's going to be a big hit under her tree!

Like always, Shutterfly did not disappoint. The quality of my cards, stationery items, and my gifts is all top notch. And what's even more fun is that they let me customize everything so that it's the perfect fit for us. I am so pleased with everything! Check them out for your holiday needs!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Newborn Photos

About a week after T's birth, we had some newborn photos taken at our home by Tara Marie Photography. She was a delight to work with and I love the final pictures. I wish M had been a little more cooperative, but thats life with a three year old. She doesn't always have the same agenda as me.

 But my baby! Just look at this sweet boy!

Tiny boy! He already seems so much bigger...

Even though she isn't looking at the camera here...I love this one of the four of us

And precious are they? And I love her little curls here!

Thank you Tara!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One Month

Our little bear turned one month old on the 8th. Time is already flying by, and even though I expected it to go even faster this time, it's crazy to me that he's already been with us for one month now.

A few little tidbits about his first month...
  • He's still sleeping in his bassinet next to me and sleeping 9PM-4/4:30AM right now and then waking for the day around 7:30/8. I can't complain at all about the first big stretch of sleep. I think he sleeps so well thanks to a few things...he's a giant baby with a big tummy so he can go longer between feedings, his swaddle and white noise, and his nightly bath. I very VERY loosely followed Moms on Call with M (I don't swear by it like some moms do...I actually have a few issues with it), so I'm pulling out a few pointers from it for T, and the biggest thing I found valuable to us was the nightly bath. Every night before his 9PM feeding, he gets a bath. I only use soap about twice a week, but I swear that they start to associate bath time with night time and it helps them start to get into a circadian rhythm. 
  • Most naps are still on me on my chest or on the go. He loves to be held for naps which makes life a little tricky, but I also sort of love it. I am not one to pass up baby snuggles. 
  • I am so very thankful for all the friends who have helped us out with meals since he arrived. They have made dinner time SO much less stressful.
  • His big sister adores him. Possibly a little much at times. She is so concerned about you when you cry and fuss. And she loves reading to him. He enjoys watching her as long as she's not yelling loudly...which tends to happen since she's a crazy three year old!
  • He like to be worn in the Ergo, ring sling, and k'tan.
  • Gaining weight was a slow process in those first two weeks (you lost a full pound and one ounce in the first 5 days), but by two weeks old, he was back to birth weight, and by his one month appointment he was well beyond where we expected him to be.
  • On an average day, he nurses about 7 times. Mostly going 2.5-3 hours during the day. Nursing started out a little rough because you had a shallow latch, but we're doing great now. 
  • Likes - pacifier, being held up high on a shoulder, naps on my chest
  • Dislikes - being in his car seat if we're not moving, getting his clothes on, sun in his eyes, and being put down for a nap
Crazy how much he's changed in his first month!

Weight - 12 lbs 4.5 oz (96%)
Length - 24.25" (off the charts)
Diapers - Size 1
Clothes - 0-3 Months
Hair - Dark brown, pretty full in the back still
Eyes - still very grey with maybe a slight blueness to them.

And because I love a good comparison's both of my babies at one month

Thursday, November 12, 2015

M's 3rd Birthday Party

In the midst of all the newborn craziness from October, we also had one other big event...M's third birthday! On October 25, our spunky and sassy little girl turned three.

I could write a big mushy post about how it really has been the longest shortest three years of my life, but it really would get mushy and go on forever, so I'll spare you all. Instead, I'll share a few pictures from her party at a local children's art studio. Months ago, I planned her party here knowing I'd be bringing our newborn and I wouldn't want to do any work for a birthday celebration. I wanted her to have a party (because homegirl loves a good birthday party soiree), but I also knew I wouldn't have it in me to host anything at home. All we had to do at the art studio was invite a few pals and show up with a cake, candles, and juice boxes. DONE!

My parents came down for the weekend, and so did my sister and her boyfriend, so we had a packed house, but it was fun celebrating with family. M was so excited to have so many people here just for her. Especially after several weeks where so much attention and visitors had been directed toward her baby brother.

My sister's boyfriend brought along his camera and took some great shots for us. I think all of the kids had a ball making their cats and dogs crafts.

Seriously, having my family here for her party was a highlight of her birthday weekend. For months leading up to this, whenever she'd facetime with them, she'd say, "Are you coming to my birthday party?"

Little artists hard at work...

I love her scrunched up "smile" here after she blew out her candles

We're so glad so many of her little friends were able to celebrate with us...

It really was a very fun party, and SO easy with a newborn! This is a random picture from the party where we must have been watching the kids create something at a table, but as you can see, I just wore T in the ring sling the whole time and he slept the full hour and half we were there. Newborns are so easy when it comes to being out about. At least mine have been...they just sleep!

M's birthday weekend and party were a fun one, and she's already asking us when it will be October again so she can have another party. I think it's safe to say, she likes birthdays!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A few hospital memories...

This is mostly just a picture dump, but we have so many photos from our hospital stay with T that I just adore. Something about looking back on those first few hours and days of your baby's's almost magical. I didn't respond so well to my pain meds this time in the hospital (think super sleepy and feeling like I had motion sickness on them) and a lot of our stay is kind of a foggy memory from them. So glad I (along with my mom) managed to snap a couple thousand photos while we were there. That might be a slight exaggeration, but I honestly don't think you can have too many pictures from your baby's birth!