Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Layla Baby

A rough day at work, but at least my puppy is still adorable and makes me smile! According to the vet, she is one year this month. Since she is a pound puppy, I don't really know her birthday, but I've taken it upon myself to pick out a birthday for her. I am not really a Valentine's Day person, but I figured it could help me remember when her birthday is if I celebrate it on a holiday. Here she is in her new collar from etsy, looking like a big one year old :)


  1. Aww your puppy is sooo cute. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Happy V-day and Happy Puppy Birthday! :)

  2. What cute puppy you have! Love the new collar.

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. great idea for puppy's birthday!!
    so cute

  4. What adorable pictures!!! Love the collar!!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your rough day. Your dog is so sweet!