Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sick Day

A runny nose, a pounding headache, and some sore joints was enough to make the call for a sub last night. I get 10 sick days a school year and I have yet to use one, so last night I decided (with some help from the fiancée) that it was in my best interest to stay home today. I slept till 10, watched silly morning talk shows, made peanut butter cookies, and watched Netflix on the couch for most the day. It was relaxing and peaceful and just what I needed. A day to get my body back in good shape and a day for my sanity. Oh, and around mid-day, I missed all the people when I went to vote in Virginia's primary.

I thought about scrapping today, but the motivation was never really there. I think after dinner tonight I may try to get some done. I am feeling so inspired after seeing so many pretty pictures of new things at CHA! Can't wait to start seeing them in the store!

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