Tuesday, March 11, 2008

how romantic is that?

Tonight during premarital counseling, the pastor shared this song with us. He pulled out his iPhone and gave us a quick glimpse, and then sent us home to check it out ourselves. It's truly a beautiful song that says a lot about what marriage is. The more I think about getting married, the more reality sets in. That's not to say I am afraid of the reality, but more that I am willing to spend my life with someone, despite all the reasons not to get married.

136 days 'till the wedding!


  1. Great song and also thanks for going to counslig before the marriage,it's very important and not stressed enough!

  2. thanks for sharing this...i saw her and faith hill on oprah a few years back...she has quite a story herself, great artist....good luck w/ your wedding!!....dh & i will celebrate year #20 in november!!!
    angie (ckmb & AMR: craftyscrapr)

  3. Wow, great song!! Thanks for sahring it!

  4. Very nice song! Good luck with your wedding plans :)