Wednesday, March 5, 2008

spring is near!

We had a huge storm last night. The rain woke me up several times...well that and wind and my window which likes to rattle! As I got up this morning I was expecting more gray skies, but instead I woke to a gorgeous morning. The sky was blue, birds were chirping, and everything smelled fresh. Spring is very near and I love it.

Got tagged by Deb...

7 Random Pieces About Me:
  1. I have very little cartilage in my nose.
  2. For 2 years of college, I lived in an old house with 7 other girls.
  3. I am a Sharpie collector.
  4. I totally freak out when I see worms on the sidewalk. I have a horrible fear of worms. They make me sick to think about.
  5. When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to print "flyers" on her parents apple computer that would say things like "Save the Whales!" and "Stay in School". And then we'd color pictures on them, get on our bikes, and put them in everyones' mailbox in the neighborhood.
  6. Besides Harry Potter 7, the best book I've read in the past year was The Time Traveler's Wife. Wonderful love story.
  7. Cilantro belongs in every dish.
Not tagging anyone, but feel free to tag yourself :)

In other exciting news, I won an RAK at AMR last night for their weekly scrap chat hour!! Every week they host a chat hour on the message board and the person whose note generates the most responses in an hour wins the RAK!! Last night was my first chat hour and I had 18 responses to my question: what are you afraid to try in your scrapbooking? I was not expecting any prize, just looking for some nice chat, but I was excited that I could spark such great conversations!

And speaking of AMR, just ordered my March kit tonight! Cannot wait to get it. The gorgeous sneak peeks are making me anxious to get it!


  1. yay I am so glad you like the kit!!! I can't wait until you get it!!

  2. Very cool reading more about you! Thanks for playing! Congrats on winning the RAK at SCH last night too!

  3. Congrats on the RAK you're in the running for another!!! Good luck!

  4. too fun on your win!!
    love the random facts, you have such a great sense of humor.
    my girls are huge-insane HP fans. they have read through the series at least 3 7 maybe 4...are they crazy!
    must try the time travelers wife-thanks for the tip!

  5. Congratulations on you know what you're going to get, yet? Surprises are fun, too, especially when it's scrap stuff!