Saturday, April 5, 2008

busy bee

This week has been a little crazy since it's back to school for me. BUT, there is good news. I think it's safe to say that this was my best week of school with the kids all year. Our first day back, Monday, was a little rough, but the rest of this week has been great. They have listened to directions ( least the best they could), they did their work, and they even made me laugh. It's taken months to get this far, but it's rewarding to see that progress really is being made. Being a first year teacher is scary and exhausting and sometimes just plain crazy, but this past week, while not perfect, it made me realize that this is a job I want to do. I do love it and I can do it. For the first time all year, I didn't feel like a failure...and that is where the reward was. Knowing that I actually made a difference this week.

In addition to going back to school this week, I have become a pro at fencing on Mario and Sonic at the Olympics for Wii. I am never able to beat my fiancee at anything on the Wii, but it looks like I may have found where my talent is. Also made a few LO's this week, started a silly girly book that I am really enjoying, visited a local farmer's market and bought local honey and peanuts, and got a RAK from Nicole! Not only is it all beautiful stuff, but it's all stuff I've never seen in any of my local shops. Thank you Nicole!!! See picture below for all the goodies this girl sent me!

Now I am off to get organized for the AMR crop this afternoon on the message board. Excited to do some scrapping on this rainy day!

(Seriously...isn't she awesome! This RAK is great!)


  1. That's some great stuff!

  2. Oh fantastic!!
    I am so glad that the RAK made it to you so quickly!!

  3. Oh yeah - love love love gifts :)