Monday, April 28, 2008

by the sea

Life has been all over the place lately. From preparing my 18 third graders for standardized testing which begins in 15 days, to trying to pick out shoes for the bridesmaids...things have been a bit crazy. No scrapping has been done in about 2 weeks and it's starting to get to me. I might pull out my stuff tonight and play around. Especially because sweet Jessica, my scrap pal, sent me some great stuff. School is slowly beginning to feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and this past Saturday marked the 3 month mark 'til the wedding. 88 days from now, to be more precise. I can't believe how fast the engagement is going. Craziness!

In an attempt to get out and relax this weekend, the fiancee and I took Layla to a local nature preserve on the beach. It was a gorgeous, warm day, and I even got a little sunburn on my shoulders. You won't hear me complaining though. I was grateful for the sunshine after so many rainy days.
My favorite part of the trip was finding sea glass. This beach is pretty secluded, and the amount of sea glass in the sand is just amazing. I told my fiancee that I felt like I was doing a puzzle the way I was scanning the ground as we walked, looking for the perfect pieces.

Off to enjoy some television and possibly some scrapping. Oh...and cutting out laminate for school. Yuck. Happy Monday!


  1. I SOOO LOVE SEA GLASS!!! I never find any here in FL!
    Lucky girl! You look like the two of you had a great time with Layla! It's these mometns that help you recharge and prepare for another work week!
    So sweet!

  2. Your reservoir is beautiful!!! We only have ONE lake in our whole town of 500,000 people and they have geese :( Yuck. I miss having a decent body of water around!! & the seaglass is beautiful!!

  3. Ok, you said "preserve" & I read "reservoir" (Whoops!!) I was wondering (later) about the sea glass!!! Uggghh. I was thinking of lake Michigan & how big & beautiful it is!! But not as pretty as the bay!! Enjoy it while you are there!!