Monday, April 7, 2008

cheap find of the week!

At first glance at the picture above, you are probably thinking "Thickers". The amazing stickers that is better than a sticker from American Crafts. That's exactly what I thought when I found these foam stickers at THE DOLLAR TREE. That's right. Each of these thicker look alikes cost me just $1. What a find! They are pretty much identical to the foam thickers and come in multiple fonts and colors. I "only" bought 8 packages. And the best part is, you can't even buy 2 packs of thickers for $8! Hopefully your Dollar Tree will carry these great finds!


  1. Great find at the DT..... I love going there and finding stuff like that....Love the colors...


  2. Great find! Of course, Dollar Tree is so random :)

  3. I need to check out the Dollar Tree by my Husbands job tomorrow when I head that way! I hope I find these!