Monday, May 5, 2008


Only 27 days 'till I will feel like a free woman again. School will be over, I will be able to sleep in, I can focus on the upcoming wedding, I can take Layla for long walks, I can visit the beach whenever I please, I will have a clean apartment again, I can catch up on my never ending list of books to read...just 27 days. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and while that is nice, I can't wait for this all to end. It has been the longest 8 months of my life. The past 8 months I have worked hard and put a lot of heart and sweat into my job. June 12 will be a great day full of celebration.
We took the puppy camping at the beach this weekend, and I decided that even though this may not be my favorite city to live in, I really do like being so close to the water. It's nice being able to see the ocean whenever I please. And it doesn't hurt that I have a great puppy who loves walking along the edge of the water.
Only 27 days 'till we can do this whenever we please!


  1. counting down the days w/ you! Glad puppy keeps you company....they are the best! I wish I had some sand here!!!!

  2. I sooooo remember those last few days!
    The kids checked out like three days ago already, huh????
    This is the hardest time of year! Come up with fun ideas to hold their attention, will make your life easier!

  3. I think all "jobs" get that way & it feels like you aren't "supposed" to feel that way, cause it IS kids - but a job is still "the grind"!!! I am looking forward for you for this freedom and the wedding this summer! Yeah!!