Saturday, May 31, 2008

kiddie pools & 9 days

It's been so long since an update. My apologies for that. Life has just been crazy lately. And by crazy I mean that school is ending in less than 2 weeks (eeek!!!), I am desperately looking for a new job for next year, I am moving all my stuff into the fiancee's place on the 16th, moving home until the wedding, getting married in 55 days (!!!!!), taking care of a dog who has a new found love for kiddie pools....needless to say, it's been busy!

I am uneasy about packing up my classroom and leaving without a set job for next year, but I think it's the right thing to do. I don't see myself returning in the fall. And I know I'll be a happier person in the long run for making this decision. It's just a little scary moving on with no solid ground to be stepping on.

As the school year comes to an end, all I can say is I have come so far. I started out this year as a naive, young teacher and I am leaving a little bit wiser and a little bit stronger. That isn't to say that everything will be easy from here on out, but I do know that I am not where I was back in September. I look forward to year two....but there are little things I will miss from my first year.

Hope you all are enjoying the start of the summer. The sunshine, the humidity that we had here in Virginia today, the kiddie pools, the flip flops and popsicles....I am glad it's here! 9 more days of school and I will be soaking it all up!

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  1. wow.. summer has come so fast!! Good Luck finding a job! I should get one of those sooner or later, haha! :P