Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last Friday, after a long day of travel, my mom and I finally made it to NYC. We landed safely and headed off to the upper east side where my sister resides in her teeny tiny one bedroom apartment. Friday night we got to eat at Serendipity (yum!). What a cool place. Had a great sandwich and some fabulous desserts. And on top of all that, I fell in love with all the neat light lamp covers!
Afterwards we visited a very cool candy store that is owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan's Candy Bar. WOW. Never seen so much candy in my life. My mom and sis bought some candy...I just ate there's!
Gummy Frogs!So many jelly beans!These are the steps. They were backlit and full of candy!
It was a nice ending to a LONG day full of unpleasant surprises...lots of pictures left to share...look for another post either later tonight or tomorrow!


  1. Awesome pictures! Looks like you had fun.

  2. Great pictures. Sounds like you had lots of fun!