Monday, May 12, 2008


Took a quick trip to NYC this weekend to visit my little sister who moved up there in January. My mom and I were to fly out around 8:00AM on Friday. Due to some storms up north, La Guardia airport shut down for 2 hours Friday morning, resulting in a flight cancellation for my mother and me. Our little fifty minute flight from Virginia to New York City ended up being a full day of travel, as we were shipped off to Atlanta where we faced many delays and crowds of annoyed passengers. We eventually got on a plane for NYC at 3:00PM, but the flight never left the ground until 4:05PM. Talk about a long day! My mom and I made the best of it though. Thanks to bridal magazines, fountain drinks, iPods, and library books, we made it through our long day.
We finally got into NYC sometime around 6:00PM. More on our trip to come!

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