Saturday, June 28, 2008

twenty eight days!

What a weekend this has been so far. I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday. We've done so much in the past 24 hours!

Last night my family and I went over to the fiancee's parents' home for dinner. What a nice night. We sat outside and just really enjoyed the good food and the nice conversation. I am lucky to not only have a great family of my own, but know that I am going to be a part of another wonderful family.

Today the fiancee and I got up early and went and bought our wedding bands (!!!). Can't believe the wedding is 28 days away. It's quickly approaching on us.

After the jewelry store, we visited our reception site and worked out some last minute little details and set our menu. Bacon wrapped scallops, prosciutto wrapped around melon and asparagus....YUM-O! It's going to be a yummy reception, even though I proably won't have a single bite!

And then late this afternoon we visited a massive furniture store with the fiancee's parents where we picked out bedroom furniture. Now, yes, I know I just bought a new dresser, but it's okay. We have other ideas for my old dresser now! Hopefully the new stuff will be delivered in the next week or two. Really excited to have nice furniture for one of the first times in our lives. Growing up, my family always had nice stuff, but this will be "our" first nice set of stuff.

This whole day has just really made everything seem more real. We're actually getting married, and it's going to be here soon! In my next post, be looking for a sneak peak at my programs that I am making. There has been little scrapping so far this summer, as all my time and attention has been dedicated to my job search and the wedding!

And we all like a post with a picture....I have been scanning old pics all week for a slideshow at the rehearsal dinner, and I found this old gem, circa 1986. I was such a ham!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Like I mentioned in my post on Saturday, I had the world's most adorable kitchen shower thrown for me on Saturday. The hostesses were just too kind and went above and beyond. They filled flower pots with split peas and stuck wooden spoons inside, tied with pink and green ribbon as a favor for all the guests. Precious! And the cupcakes were too pretty to eat. It was all just too cute. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life who were able to come and be a part of this shower.
My Nana, my mom, and meThe most adorable cupcakes!

How adorable are these favors??

A dear friend and I with my "bow"-quet to carry at the rehearsal!

So pumped about our new pots and pans!

Now that it is officially June 27, east coast time, that means the wedding is LESS than a month away! It's going to be here before I know it!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank You Bags

Some friends of my mothers threw me the world's most wonderful bridal shower this afternoon. The decorations and food and favors were all just over the top adorable! I have photos from the shower to post later, but for now I want to show you my handy work! I made these gift bags to put my gifts in for the hosts of the party. It was my first time making bags. Had fun doing it, and I might end up doing it again. Turned out cuter than any of the bags I saw at the store!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Being 24 and trying to pay off college and grad school loans doesn't leave you with lots of leftover money on the side. In addition to this, sometimes it's fun being frugal and thrifty and visiting every antique and consignment shop in town. Yesterday, after hours of exploring, I found this fabulous dresser and mirror, and it is now mine...and for under $100! It should have actually been a little more, but being the cheap girl I am, I called myself a student and pulled out my never expiring college ID to receive the student discount. Nothing wrong with that...right? Now if only I could find us a headboard/footboard for the bed. Maybe on my next thrifty outing!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my roygbiv closet

Finished! No more moving. Everything is out of my place, it's clean, and I gave my keys to the landlord this morning. And it's a beautiful feeling. I hate moving and I've done it 4 times since the summer of '04. Hopefully, we'll be here for at least more than a year.

I've spent my morning organizing, breaking down boxes, cleaning, and singing along to my iPod. A few weeks ago I read this post on Becky Higgins blog, and I remember thinking at the time, "When I move, I am gonna try to do that!" While I did not go out and buy all new hangers, I did throw all my yucky hangers away and only kept the nice ones. And now, look at my rainbow assortment of clothing!It feels so organized and fresh. As much as I hate the act of moving, I like being able to start over as you unpack. I still have a LONG way to go, I have boxes and boxes to finish unpacking, but I did get the important stuff set up and, clothes, scrapbooking stuff! It's not totally organized yet, as I need to make a Target trip for some shelves for my desk, but here's where I'm at now...
So much left to do. I might take a break for awhile. Grab some lunch, play with the puppy, work on some cover letters and resumes to send out....basically enjoy my free afternoon!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Moving has officially kicked my butt this weekend. Everything (with the exception of my Goodwill pile) is out of the old apartment and into the fiancee's place. It's taken all weekend to get all my stuff here, but we did it. How one acquires as much stuff as I have, I couldn't tell you. I have a special ability to have more junk than five normal people combined. Thank goodness I have a fiancee who says he'll marry me anyway. Granted, he may only be marrying me for the dog!

I head back to my place tomorrow to start the cleaning process. Isn't moving the best?

Last night after a long, and very sweaty day of moving, we went over to friend's place for some crabs. It was a perfect ending for a long day. He bought a bushel of crabs, and after about 7 hours and 8 people, 100 crabs had been eaten.
Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to my first week off as a teacher. The number one benefit to teaching!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

thank you, Heather!

Just had to share this beautiful piece of art that Heather made me for a RAK that I won over National Scrapbook Day. This little journal is completely handmade and just gorgeous. I would have taken a few more pictures, but the lighting was awful, and on top of that, I am moving this weekend and haven't had a lot of time. But, I do have time to brag about Heather and how talented she is. Thank you, Heather! This is truly gorgeous!

Friday, June 13, 2008

showers and parties

Last weekend my 6 wonderful bridesmaids threw me a bachelorette party/lingerie shower. And it was a blast! These girls went all out and planned a very full and fun night. Some of my dearest friends came and it was so nice spending time with some of the friends who mean the most to me in my life! They had wonderful food, great decorations, and they even made "Team Rachel" tshirts. Could it get any better? Why, yes it could, because they all got me some of the greatest lingerie and nightgowns that are out there. I will probably only wear my new nightgowns after the wedding since they're all adorable and extremely comfortable!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the end. and the beginning!

DONE! I made it. I survived. I know that the worst year of my teaching career is over. And now I am unemployed. I have decided to take a chance and not sign on for my district next year. I'd really like to get in another nearby district, and even though I haven't been hired, I'd rather take the chance and not settle. A bit scary, but it feels so freeing. The year is over, summer is here, and the wedding is just around the corner. Everything, for the first time since September, feels right. And I like that.

Summer plans (other than the wedding) include, but are not limited to:
  • Lay by the pool and get a killer tan
  • Spend time with my little brother during my time at home and talk about Stephenie Meyer and eat ice cream
  • Long walks with Layla (the happiest dog in the world, now that her mom is a full time mom for 2.5 months!)and my iPod
  • Make 200 wedding programs and wedding favors. Who wants to come help?
  • Work on learning how to better use my camera and my photography. I got my Nikon D40 last August, and I absolutely love it, but there's still so much I'd like to learn about it. I have been doing some reading on photography, and I want to play around this summer and put what I am reading into use. Expect some more pictures on here! I got an early start on our walk around the neighborhood tonight. Played around with the aperture and and sort of actually felt like I was getting the hang of it! It also helps that people in our neighborhood have such beautiful flowers!
  • Scrap! I have so many scrap goals for the summer. With my extra free time, I hope to not only get a lot of LO's done, but I'd also love to do some smaller projects, some for myself, some for gifts.
  • Clean out my closet at home. This has been needed to be done for about a year. My parents will be happy to have this extra space!
Summer 2008, so nice to see you! I think we're gonna have a great time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 more days!

School is winding down and I am so happy that I can hardly contain myself. Still have to get through a move and this 100 degree weather, but I'll make. Just 2 more days with the students!

I made these last week, just never got around to posting them. The first LO is from the cabin we stayed in at homecoming last fall. One of the scariest places I've ever stayed. All sorts of weird things on the walls. Lots of strange weapons displayed....don't think I'll be staying there again. Even if it was super cheap! The second LO is of me and of my favorite subjects! She's one of my favorite subjects to scrap!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Guess who is having a fun time with her new laptop? After dropping my Dell laptop back in December and busting up the monitor, I have been on the fence as to whether I replace the old monitor or replace the whole computer. Tonight I went ahead and took the plunge and I now am a proud Mac user! Can't wait to get all of my music, photos and other things imported into this computer. Since December I have been pretty much just using my school laptop, but we have to turn them back in tomorrow. I figured today would be a good day for my upgrade!

Friday, June 6, 2008

and the winner is....

Anonymous said...

Great Big Lots find!!!

As far as songs go, I've been really loving John Michael Carroll's "Livin' Our Love Song". It's a song about still being together when others didn't think it would last.

My DH & I will be married 11 years in the fall, & he is 24 years older. I know that some people I know thought I was making a mistake, but look at us! Still going strong!


I'll contact you to get your address! And nice choice of a song. I really love Jason Michael Carroll.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

another RAK!

Who loves RAK's? Me!! And who loves Love, Elsie RAK's? Definitely me....if you want to win her new recipe book, go here!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

cheap finds and a RAK!

Only 7 more does one even begin to put their excitement into words? There were many days I thought this time of year would never come. Cannot believe we're down to the end! And next week, we're not even taking attendance, so who even knows how many students will show up.

In other exciting news, my lovely bridesmaids are throwing me a shower/bachelorette party this weekend. Looking forward to seeing many friends and having fun. It'll be a nice break in my busy life, as all I've focused on for the past week is interviewing for new jobs and moving/packing.

I visited Big Lots this weekend and scored some AMAZING deals. We're talking American Crafts letter stickers for $1 and AC rubons for $2. You can't be that. Also got some Basic Grey, Heidi Grace, and K&Company things. As I was shopping my basket got so full, but I was so happy to see my total on the cash register! A pleasantly low number! In honor of my cheap finds, I bought some extras to do a little RAK. I have received some incredible things via my wonderful scrap friends on the internet. Everything from an adorable scrap tote, to cute embellishments, to an AMAZING journal that is on it's way to me now (can't wait Heather!). So, with that said, I think it's time to have a little RAK of my own. Even if it's not much, I know that a small package in the mail makes anyones day brighter! If you want to win my RAK, just leave me a comment telling me one song you love listening to in the summer. It can be new or old....just something that makes you feel summer. I love having seasonal playlists on my iPod, so post your favorite song! Good luck :)

Oh....and's a picture of what you're playing for...
I'll pick my winner sometime on Friday!

Monday, June 2, 2008

wedding gowns

Got a phone call the other day from the bridal gown shop letting me know that my dress is in...YAY! I get to in for a fitting this weekend. I really cannot wait to put it on again. I picked it out in January. That feels so long ago! This whole wedding thing is starting to feel real now that we're just 53 days away!