Thursday, June 12, 2008

the end. and the beginning!

DONE! I made it. I survived. I know that the worst year of my teaching career is over. And now I am unemployed. I have decided to take a chance and not sign on for my district next year. I'd really like to get in another nearby district, and even though I haven't been hired, I'd rather take the chance and not settle. A bit scary, but it feels so freeing. The year is over, summer is here, and the wedding is just around the corner. Everything, for the first time since September, feels right. And I like that.

Summer plans (other than the wedding) include, but are not limited to:
  • Lay by the pool and get a killer tan
  • Spend time with my little brother during my time at home and talk about Stephenie Meyer and eat ice cream
  • Long walks with Layla (the happiest dog in the world, now that her mom is a full time mom for 2.5 months!)and my iPod
  • Make 200 wedding programs and wedding favors. Who wants to come help?
  • Work on learning how to better use my camera and my photography. I got my Nikon D40 last August, and I absolutely love it, but there's still so much I'd like to learn about it. I have been doing some reading on photography, and I want to play around this summer and put what I am reading into use. Expect some more pictures on here! I got an early start on our walk around the neighborhood tonight. Played around with the aperture and and sort of actually felt like I was getting the hang of it! It also helps that people in our neighborhood have such beautiful flowers!
  • Scrap! I have so many scrap goals for the summer. With my extra free time, I hope to not only get a lot of LO's done, but I'd also love to do some smaller projects, some for myself, some for gifts.
  • Clean out my closet at home. This has been needed to be done for about a year. My parents will be happy to have this extra space!
Summer 2008, so nice to see you! I think we're gonna have a great time!


  1. Have a great scrappy summer!!

  2. Enjoy your time!!!
    I love having free time too!