Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my roygbiv closet

Finished! No more moving. Everything is out of my place, it's clean, and I gave my keys to the landlord this morning. And it's a beautiful feeling. I hate moving and I've done it 4 times since the summer of '04. Hopefully, we'll be here for at least more than a year.

I've spent my morning organizing, breaking down boxes, cleaning, and singing along to my iPod. A few weeks ago I read this post on Becky Higgins blog, and I remember thinking at the time, "When I move, I am gonna try to do that!" While I did not go out and buy all new hangers, I did throw all my yucky hangers away and only kept the nice ones. And now, look at my rainbow assortment of clothing!It feels so organized and fresh. As much as I hate the act of moving, I like being able to start over as you unpack. I still have a LONG way to go, I have boxes and boxes to finish unpacking, but I did get the important stuff set up and unpacked....food, clothes, scrapbooking stuff! It's not totally organized yet, as I need to make a Target trip for some shelves for my desk, but here's where I'm at now...
So much left to do. I might take a break for awhile. Grab some lunch, play with the puppy, work on some cover letters and resumes to send out....basically enjoy my free afternoon!


  1. I love the closet, it's so organized. Have fun unpacking, it's one of the worst parts of moving.

  2. looks good! have fun revamping everything!

  3. well at least the hard part is all done

  4. God, I wish I were that organized! Someday......
    Looks so good, like a Target ad! : )

  5. I organize my clothes by color too! I follow the color spectrum thing "roy g. biv" it's the only thing I really remember and use from high school chemistry. ha. It makes the organization freak in me so happy :)

    Btw, this is honeybeems from livejournal. I've had this blogspot for a while and now I've decided to start using it more.

  6. Love the organized closet!! I see you are eating my favorite candy (starburst jelly beans) and is that a mac laptop? That is on my wish list!!