Thursday, June 19, 2008


Being 24 and trying to pay off college and grad school loans doesn't leave you with lots of leftover money on the side. In addition to this, sometimes it's fun being frugal and thrifty and visiting every antique and consignment shop in town. Yesterday, after hours of exploring, I found this fabulous dresser and mirror, and it is now mine...and for under $100! It should have actually been a little more, but being the cheap girl I am, I called myself a student and pulled out my never expiring college ID to receive the student discount. Nothing wrong with that...right? Now if only I could find us a headboard/footboard for the bed. Maybe on my next thrifty outing!


  1. awesome dresser!!!....remember that old doors and stuff like that can make an interesting headboard...
    ;) angie/craftyscrapr

  2. dont forget garage sales!!!!!!

  3. Those kind of finds are the best!

  4. OMG! I was gonna post about using an old vintage door for the headboard as well...but looks like someone beat me to it. (LOL!)
    You could easily paint it the same color as the dresser and distress it a little and I noticed the gold on the mirror. Could easly rim the door edges/panels with a gold paint pen (cheap at stores- can even use coupon) to embellish.
    Great find! Gotta love a good deal like that.
    Melissa (AMR- MNbabe)

  5. Very chic!! I don't think being thrifty is something you should ever outgrow!! I have been trying to get back into it myself....