Saturday, June 28, 2008

twenty eight days!

What a weekend this has been so far. I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday. We've done so much in the past 24 hours!

Last night my family and I went over to the fiancee's parents' home for dinner. What a nice night. We sat outside and just really enjoyed the good food and the nice conversation. I am lucky to not only have a great family of my own, but know that I am going to be a part of another wonderful family.

Today the fiancee and I got up early and went and bought our wedding bands (!!!). Can't believe the wedding is 28 days away. It's quickly approaching on us.

After the jewelry store, we visited our reception site and worked out some last minute little details and set our menu. Bacon wrapped scallops, prosciutto wrapped around melon and asparagus....YUM-O! It's going to be a yummy reception, even though I proably won't have a single bite!

And then late this afternoon we visited a massive furniture store with the fiancee's parents where we picked out bedroom furniture. Now, yes, I know I just bought a new dresser, but it's okay. We have other ideas for my old dresser now! Hopefully the new stuff will be delivered in the next week or two. Really excited to have nice furniture for one of the first times in our lives. Growing up, my family always had nice stuff, but this will be "our" first nice set of stuff.

This whole day has just really made everything seem more real. We're actually getting married, and it's going to be here soon! In my next post, be looking for a sneak peak at my programs that I am making. There has been little scrapping so far this summer, as all my time and attention has been dedicated to my job search and the wedding!

And we all like a post with a picture....I have been scanning old pics all week for a slideshow at the rehearsal dinner, and I found this old gem, circa 1986. I was such a ham!


  1. cute picture of you as a little girl!!!...these next few weeks will fly by so quickly!...
    ;) angie/craftyscrapr

  2. I like your midriff shirt!! Cute! Wow, less than a month away - how exciting!! I can't wait to see your new bedroom furniture! We've been married for 11 years and still don't have a decent set!!

  3. How funny with the belly button showing...
    That made me laugh! Congrats on the furniture!

  4. We're not THAT wonderful. Well, maybe a little. But mostly just because of me.

    The reception food sounds good.