Saturday, July 12, 2008

lazy saturdays

I am glad that I have pool to go to everyday. It is making me not only turn into a lazy pool bum, but it's also been a big help in my effort to achieve a great tan before the wedding.

Speaking of weddings, guess what I'll be doing two weeks from this very moment? It's gonna be pretty great. Especially my five tiered cake, where each layer is a different flavor. This is probably what I am looking forward to most....with the exception of that whole "being married" thing. And before I finish up my weddings ramble, I want to share this awesome wedding blog: snippets & ink. Even if you're not planning a wedding, check it. The photos are always beautiful and inspiring.

Hope you've had a nice Saturday. Layla tried to escape on her walk tonight when we saw a rabbit, but after some running around like a crazy person, I was able to get her back. Other than that, my day has been a bore. But a relaxing bore, at least.


  1. The wedding is coming so soon??? Oh's gonna be great!

  2. 5 tiers? are you being featured on platinum weddings?
    I am sorry to hear you almost lost your dog! UGH!
    Thank goodness you were able to get her!