Saturday, August 9, 2008

7.26.08: Formal Shots

Have you been watching the Olympics? I have been loving it. The Opening Ceremonies were pretty incredible last night. I am looking forward to watching swimming, diving, volleyball, and gymnastics; however, I am sure I'll become a fan of a new sport before it's all over!

As promised, here are the formal photos from the wedding. I can't believe that it's already been two weeks!! This summer is flying by. There's a lot of photos in this post. Hopefully you aren't too tired of wedding posts. I promise there will only be a few more!

Next post: Reception Photos!


  1. WE WILL NEVER TIRE OF THE PHOTOS! KEEP THEM COMING!! Next up: Honeymoon!!! Can't wait to see where you went exploring!

  2. Your bridesmaid dresses were GORGEOUS!!! And their bouquets? Simply beautiful!!

    Does your gold bracelet have special significance? It looks beautiful - just wondered if it was borrowed?

  3. The Mother of The Bride looks so young!! :)