Monday, August 11, 2008

the bracelet

I know I said honeymoon photos would be next, but Sara asked a question about my bracelet today, and I thought it would be more fun to answer with a full post!

As you can see in the photo, the bracelet, has my name, Rachel, engraved on it. This bracelet belonged to my great-great-grandmother, who was also named Rachel. I don't know for sure how it was passed down through the years, but my maternal grandmother gave it to me as a birthday gift when I was either 12 or 13 (I can't remember!).

Back in February, my mom asked me if I'd wear the bracelet as my "something old" for the wedding. I, of course, said yes, but didn't think much of it then since my wedding was still 5 months away. It gets to be a week before the wedding and I realize, I still haven't found my bracelet. I have done a LOT of moving in the past few years, between moves for college and moving in with my husband, and I realized that I had no idea where that bracelet had ended up. I did a lot of searching, and after freaking out a little bit (ok, it was more like freaking out a lot), the bracelet was found in an old jewelry box of mine at my parents' house!

I went into the wedding just wearing it as my something old. I didn't think anyone would even notice it. I was SO wrong though. It caused so much conversation at the wedding! I had so many questions about it. But of course that made me happy. It was fun and special to wear something that is over 100 years old, and holds significance to me and my family.


  1. the bracelet is awesome...i love stuff like that, it is old & has a history...great pics!...

  2. This is one of those "I told you so" moments, huh??? Love you!

  3. Oh, Rachel - I got chills JUST reading this and thinking that one day, maybe your daughter or grand daughter would walk down the aisle with the same bracelet on. I noticed it RIGHT away and thought how beautiful it was (before I even knew it had your name on it! and belonged in your family for over 100 years!)Thanks for this post - I think it is very special and the pictures you will cherish forever!