Monday, September 22, 2008

lately I...

  • ate Chinese
  • drank more pumpkin beer
  • spoiled my rotten, adorable, stinky dog
  • have sat in way too many meetings and have not had any planning times for over a week
  • taught a pretty cool lesson on the sun and had almost a full 100% engagement level
  • devoured a whole box of swedish fish
  • got free coffee at starbucks thanks to my teaching badge
  • made these with supplies i had been hoarding:
  • slaved away in the kitchen over these, for an impromptu dinner party...dinner doesn't get better than this
  • did some cleaning, organizning, and throwing away, and it felt great.


  1. love the layouts, especially the
    2nd one...supper looks yummy...i am always looking for new recipes...

  2. I'm sorry; my heart got caught in my throat at the sight of those changing trees - is that where you live???? Is that your tree lined street???? Big Sigh.

  3. For some reason I can't see the images but I love swedish fish.


  4. yum....the enchilladas look delish!