Thursday, September 18, 2008

on my mind.

Tomorrow is Friday, and when my kids walk out my door at 3:00 I will have a weekend ahead of me with no formal plans. I love exciting weekends, but sometimes I need my relaxing ones just as much.

Cannot stop listening to Taylor Swift's new song, Love Story, on repeat. For reals. It's all I've been listening to for the past 24 hours.

Made another foodgawker recipe tonight. This time it was pizza roll pizza. Imagine gooey cinnamon buns with out the cinnamon and icing, but replaced with cheese and marinara....Yum!

My students are funny and make me laugh. One claimed, with a high pitched voice and a squeal, that his arm was on fire today. Seriously, his little arm was on fire from too much math.

I want to scrapbook this weekend. I have so much stuff and photos printed and ready to go, but I can never get my self to the table to do it. I continue to find other things to do instead. This has gotta stop!

We cut off the a/c this week for open windows. And we're loving it.

I am thinking about going back to highlights in my hair. It's been about a year and a half since I had them...I don't know if it's worth it.

It's pumpkin ale season. So many delicious looking brews at Total Wine!

Never been to an air show before, but since we live in our country's home of freedom, J and I are thinking about going to one Saturday. Free admission and jet noise. What could be more fun?

I should be sweeping up dog hair right now. womp womp.


  1. Yay! A free weekend! I hope you have soo much fun.

    I'm so glad to hear teaching is going much better this year. It really sounds like you have found your place in this new school district.

  2. I am loving Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes this time of year :) I love weekends with no plans - & spending some time scrappin' does sound like a fabulous idea! Maybe I will come over!!

  3. OPEN WINDOWS??? Its 92* here today!
    I am so happy to hear all the fun things you "might" do this weekend!
    Let me tell you!
    I have loved this site!
    I made those choc chip cookies...perfect recipie and to die for! I love that you shared those sights!
    Have fun this weekend.

  4. ooooo...enjoy your weekend! and i love the honeymoon pics! thank u for being such a nice bloggy friend, too.

  5. May I say ... that I am SO JEALOUS OF YOU right now!!! Opening up your windows? Turning off the A/C? Omg, I LOOOONNNNGGG for cool weather like you would not believe! I swear it will be November before I can turn off the A/C for JUST THE MORNINGS AND EVENINGS. (Yes, I'm yelling. I'm sorry!)

  6. I loooooove the new Taylor song. :)