Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a tiny update

In the past 7 days I:
  • Have finished setting up a classroom
  • Had nightmares about the first day of school
  • Enjoyed a weekend in the mountains
  • Swam in the river with my dog, who didn't really love the swimming part as much as the rest of us
  • Have discovered a new found interest in Paul Simon
  • Learned a new card game
  • Took my husband on an adventure in middle of nowhere Virginia, where we managed to find a piece of my history.
  • Welcomed 19 fourth graders into my classroom with a high five, handshake, or hug (their choice)!
  • Smiled at the end of my first day, because for the first time since I started this crazy teaching thing, I realized that I might actually be kinda good at it.


  1. glad that you are feeling good about the school year...the 1st day is always alot of fun!!!...best wishes for a fabulous school year!!!...

  2. I'm glad you had a great weekend and I hope the rest of the school year was as good as the first day.

  3. YaY!! tackling the fourth grade..isn't it going to be great!?

  4. Hooray for high-fives and handshakes!! Glad the first day was a good one!!

  5. I am so glad this is turning out to be a better experience for you!!!!
    I am also happy your husband and you are having such a grand time!