Sunday, October 5, 2008

french onion soup

Went to early church this morning, went for a little walk on the beach where I found a little sea glass, and made myself a big bowl of yummy soup tonight. Would ya like to see?
I got this great cookbook at my wedding kitchen shower from a friend of my mom. I have always loved french onion soup, but have been afraid to make it on my own. I didn't want to screw it up, and I was afraid it would not live up to my expectations. On Friday as I was flipping through this cookbook, I saw the recipe and thought...why not? And ya know what people? It turned out GREAT. So delicious that my husband said I can make it again in a week. That's quite the compliment, if you ask me.

I also made my own croutons for this yummy meal!

This was so easy, and the croutons were way better than anything I could have bought from the store. We had some leftover, stale french bread that we ate with spaghetti last week. I coated it in olive oil and rubbed it with a peeled garlic clove, and then chopped it up into crouton size pieces. I baked it on a cookie sheet at 325 for about 15 minutes. If you're gonna make the soup, this is the way to go with the croutons. Way yummier, and way easy!


  1. Okay...first I hate onions, but this looks so darn good, I'm seriously re-thinking my position. I mean, really, the last time I had an onions was years ago...maybe they taste better.

    Oh, well it looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing

  2. YUMMMMMM Now I want some soup and THOSE croutons lol

  3. was it as good as panera's french onion soup????

  4. this looks the recipe online?...gonna have to try those croutons, too....