Saturday, October 4, 2008

oh weekends

What a long week this past week was. I was absolutely drained by Thursday evening, but somehow I managed to make it to Friday afternoon.

Thursday night we had open house, so I had the pleasure of staying at school from 7am till 8pm. Who doesn't love a 13 hour day at work?

Last night revolved around burritos from our favorite burrito joint in town, watching a good movie, and creating our grocery list for the week.

No big plans for the weekend. I am up early to buy groceries, and then we're gonna head to the farmer's market in a bit. I want to drive to a scrapbook store in a neighboring city. I read their blog the other day and they have the new sassafrass lass paper! Would really like to play with that! And then hopefully this afternoon we're going to go see The Dark Night. I think we might be 2 out of the 100 Americans who still haven't seen it.

This has been a boring post. But I will leave you with this cute photo of Layla. When we were at the wedding last weekend, she was kenneled and groomed. We picked her up to find a cute bandanna on her. J hates it, I love it ...


  1. Layla looks fabulous! I have not seen the movie either...I remember those long work days well!!!!

  2. Girl long work days SUCK, girl we have been working 12's for the past 3 weeks UGH .. and then I have to come home and play with my bookies lol .. love that pic of your dog .. beautiful. Have a restful weekend.


  3. layla looks great...i love it when jersey has been groomed, she does too...she has an extra bounce in her step!...

    i have not seen the movie hubby & dd saw it back in the summer on their "date" night...

  4. Aww your dog kind of looks like my Daisy! Does she have any lab in her? And, yes you probably were the last two people to see Dark Knight because I've even seen it and I have hardly seen any movies since Charlie was born!!!! :o) Did you like it?