Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the potato soup incident...

So, remember in my last post how I said I was going to make some baked potato soup for supper, with an awesome recipe I had found online? Well, I did, and it was a great comfort meal and very delicious.I also managed to do a little chopping of my left thumb in the process. Nothing serious that needed a doctor, but enough to need a serious bandage. We got some seriously awesome knives as a wedding present, and it turns out that they're also seriously sharp. It's healed pretty well, but my poor nail on the thumb is jagged and small. At least I had a nail there in the first place, if not it would have been the skin that would have gotten the axe.
Lesson learned here: Definitely make this soup. It is delicious and easy, and it is pretty healthy too! The cream base for the soup was nonfat plain yogurt. It's a good cold weather supper. But just be careful when you're chopping up the potatoes!


  1. Glad it turned out well :)

    Sorry about your finger :(

  2. Yummmm...with bacon and cheese on top? Sounds scrumptious!!!

  3. Hi, Rachel! Long time, no blog! That potato soup sure does look good :) Sorry to see that you nearly chopped off your thumb, though! I'm glad the tip of it wasn't part of the tasty flavoring!

  4. I hate when that happens..I am a hand burner in the stove more often than a finger cutter! LOL
    Do you get Everyday Food by Martha Stewart?
    It is like the one I sent you...