Saturday, October 18, 2008

rainy saturday

It has been a dreary, chilly, fall day in Virginia. We had plans to go camping for the weekend, but opted to stay home for the weekend after checking out the forecast. Last night we went to a local Peruvian restaurant that we've been saying for months that we were going to try out. We've made some money on craigslist selling old furniture and appliances, and we've been putting it in a "date night" envelope. Selling our extra microwave was totally worth it for our dinner last night.
This morning we made biscuits and ate them with the pumpkin butter I picked up last weekend and homemade jam that a friend of mine gave me over the summer. What a nice way to start your day! And of course the breakfast wouldn't have been complete without apple chai.

I've scrapped some today, did some grocery shopping, and we're almost all caught up with How I Met Your Mother. I've got work to be doing for school, but being lazy and catching up on life is way more fun. Hope you're having a nice weekend, too.


  1. holy crap, capon jam made the blog. i feel so loved!! thanks for my very first blog shout out.

  2. apple chai? Sounds delish!