Tuesday, November 4, 2008

in numbers...

427: miles I drove this past weekend to see and visit some dear friends
5: political costumes I saw at the Halloween party I went to Friday night
3: homemade cupcakes I ate on Halloween
169: dollars spent at Ikea on Saturday
1.5: hours spent cleaning and organizing my scrap/desk area last night
32: parent teacher conferences since last Wednesday
3: hours I got to go home early today since I finished all my conferences by noon!
18: federal cards that I lost at school...fed cards are sort of a big deal, and it's not looked fondly upon when a teacher "misplaces" all but one card.
2: new beers I tried this weekend
1: wonderful coworker who is cutting me some big slack and saving my butt despite my awful lack of organization
12: times I have watched this awesome video
31: minutes I have at home before I go vote!

1 comment:

  1. You've had a busy week/weekend!! I hope this week is calmer for you!! :)