Saturday, November 15, 2008

wet cats

Last night I came home from school feeling like death. I ached all over, every muscle every joint. And my throat felt like it was shrinking and a little on fire. I somehow made it through the school day, but just barely. However, I think it was thanks to my students' weird/clever sense of humor that I was able to survive till the buses left at three o'clock...

Student: Mrs. W, what would you do if you were sleeping in a locked room, and I put a cat on your face?
Student: Actually....a wet cat....
Me: Did someone do this to you?
Student: No, I was just curious to know what you'd do.
Me: ??????????????

Somedays, I love my job. Despite the fact that I teach germy little nose pickers who get me sick, I love it.


  1. what would you do??? haha

  2. You made me laugh. I am sorry that the little virus carrying monkeys got you sick!

  3. I love how 'student' made it a point to include 'wet' cat and 'locked' room. He paid attention to detail knowing drippy fur when you have no place to go may elicit a stronger reaction from person sleeping. Curious to know your response. :)