Saturday, December 6, 2008

many thoughts

I am made a pretty epic pie this week. If you want to make one for's the recipe! Another marvelous P-Dub creation. My husband was in Orlando for this week for a convention, and I used this week to myself to do three things: be lazy, grade papers, make foods he doesn't pies with apples and pecans! However, so I don't sound like a really mean wife, I'll have you know that I made a marinade for a steak that we ate in these quesadillas when he returned on Thursday. I also made homemade guacamole, with limes and cilantro - YUM. It turned out delicious and I declared myself a pretty awesome wife.

We went flea marketing this morning in a town across the water from us. They have a flea market the first Saturday of every month, but I always forget about it or we're out of town when I do end up remembering. Good news though, this morning as I was sitting and reading blogs, it hit me that today was flea market day. We headed over and found some neat things. J bought an old jar and a map from '68 of our city. I bought some old music books so I could have sheet music to use in my scrapbook, some old buttons and ribbon, and these incredible old JMU postcards which I am madly in love with ...

And speaking of JMU, I am wishing and hoping and praying that they beat Villanova in their play-off game today!

One last thing...listen to this song. Makes me so happy.

And now really, one last thing: thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great day and got some thoughtful gifts and cards...thanks to all!


  1. Wish I was flea marketing with you! However, we may have been grabbing for the same delightful finds....LOL!
    Thank you so much for the music link...I love love love love their music! WOWZERS!

  2. Ohhh, that pie was a HUGE hit at my thanksgiving table this year! My husband usually doesn't rave about pies, but this one he even told his mother that when we go visit at Christmas I am going to make this pie!