Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things...

This has been all over facebook, but I thought I'd share my answers here instead since so many readers know so little about me!

1. I am a self proclaimed beer snob.
2. Don't look at my fingernails, I bite them.
3. We went to Oregon for our honeymoon. Non-traditional, but best decision we could have made!
4. A year ago, I hated living in this city. I couldn't wait to move out of this region of Virginia. Thanks to a more positive job, I now love living here.
5. We let Layla lick the plates most nights after dinner. Spoiled little dog.
6. I read an insane amount of blogs each day. If I could recommend just 2 to you it would Ali Edwards & Pioneer Woman .
7. I look forward to getting Real Simple in the mail each month.
8. I reminisce about JMU all the time.
9. I love where I teach. A year ago, I wanted to run away from teaching and never go back, but I'm glad I stuck with it. My new school has changed my whole opinion on teaching.
10. Since being married, we now eat really well. Cooking has become a favorite past time for both J and me.
11. Best purchase of '08? My FURminator.
12. Beautiful paper can make me weak in the knees. How sad.
13. There used to be a show on NBC called Ed. It will never go to DVD due to music laws and other dumb stuff. This still makes me sad. Oh Stuckeyville.
14. I was a new-years-gym-goer, but am proud to say, I've gone at least 3 days a week since joining. I even admitted tonight that 80% of me actually enjoys and looks forward to it. Only 20% of me dreads going.
15. I had 7 female roommates for two years.
16. Thanks to a dear friend, I now love hot tea. For 20 years of my life, tea disgusted me. Who knew?
17. Many days I wake up and wish I was going to Hogwarts instead of to work; however, this has yet to actually happen.
18. I have a nasty cabbage patch doll from my childhood named Lori. She has blood all over her arms from nose bleeds I had as a kid. I used to creep my roommates out by her in college. Now that I am married, she stays in the closet. J doesn't appreciate bloody dolls.
19. I have a love/hate relationship with Mandy Moore. Don't get me started.
20. I like to finish sentences with the phrase "womp womp", even when it's not appropriate. This drives J crazy. Which, in turn, makes me do it even more.
21. I've always wanted more freckles.
22. One of my favorite birthday presents from my parents is my JMU class ring. It rarely leaves my right hand.
23. I don't play any musical instruments. Unless you count a kazoo.
24. When I was a kid, I HATED when my mom would make me dress like my little sister.
25. I had a large cyst removed from the left side of my jaw about 2 years ago.


  1. Ouu how is Oregon? I've always been curious about Portland?

    Yes and I am beyond random that this is the fact that I've decided to ask you about. ;)

  2. Thanks for the comments! I love your cabbage patch doll one. hahaha, that is so funny!!! They always were a little creepy looking when you think about it. But I totally loved mine!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud!
    Not long ago, while tailgating, I "womp womp"ed a total stranger who told a story about being demoted from an office to a cubicle at his place of work. Later, a friend told me that the demotion was something he'd taken really seriously and personally. Whoops! (But why was he telling a stranger about it while tailgating?!)

  4. I remember that cyst on your jaw! Ow ow ow!

    "Ed!" Awe, one of my favorites... so wonderful.

  5. Okay two questions... where did you go in Oregon? And what is a FURminator? I'm curious. :)
    And I too loved Ed but didn't know it would never go to DVD! How sad! Fun getting to know you better!

  6. oh yeah and I LOVE hot tea too!

  7. Ok, so you aren't going to make your kids dress alike, eh?? I said I never would - never do the matching thing - yet I find myself browsing the "similar" items a lot!!!! Coordinating isn't as bad is it?? LOL!!!

    I think Oregon sounds beautiful!

    Womp, Womp!!!

  8. Hi Rachel! I'm so excited to hear there's another scrapbooker in the area...even if you are an hour away! :) Do you post on the boards at SC ever? We used to live in Va Beach and now in Williamsburg. My dh is in Norfolk often for work.
    Have a great day!

  9. LMAO @ #20

    I do the same thing with "awkward" in a high pitched voice during awkward moments. Nobody gets it.. :P