Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the little things

So, awhile back I made a layout, one of my better layouts, if you ask me!

This past weekend I got around to uploading bunches of my most recent layouts onto my flickr and SiS galleries. Well, lo and behold, I find out last night that Jody Ferlaak (who I totally admire as a scrapper, a mom, a woman...I love this gal's blog) has picked this little ol' layout of mine for the SiS Catwalk this week. OHMYGOSH people. For you nonscrappers, I know this most likely seems silly and odd. But it's sort of a special thing. I've never had my work acknowledged like this. It's pretty cool! I feel very fortunate, and it's made me a little giddy.

So, to sum things up....visit Jody's blog (she really is wonderful), and remember to cherish and be grateful for "the little things" in your own life.


  1. congrats!!!..what an honor to have her select your layout!...i really like this layout!!!...