Thursday, January 15, 2009

where i wish i was thursdays

...this is where I wish was right now. Not here in my living room, grading math tests, freezing cold due to the fact that it's below 30 out and our radiators only sort of, kind of work. I am drinking a nice glass of red wine, but trust me, I'd much rather be sitting by the Pacific Ocean on a towel, reading a good book, and drinking my wine.


  1. I'm with ya chicky!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for coming out of lurkdom and leaving a comment on my bloggity blog!
    and it sucks that it's so cold for you...i am originally from kansas, and i just can't imagine life that cold anymore (we now are in florida).
    such a bummer...hope it warms up for you!

  3. Me too!!!!!

    Although WE had 60s today and WERE barefoot :) Ahh, the only thing missing was the coean..well, and the wine!!!!

  4. thanks for message on my blog! i love your blog- i think we'll be fast blogger friends :) it is also freezing cold here- so cold though that we got a snow day-yeah! and my students also learned long division this week- how exciting!