Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Day

J got this in the mail today...It's the G1 (Google Phone), and he's obsessed. He may or may not have stayed home from work to sign for the UPS package today. Now I am facing the dilemma of whether I keep my very basic $19.99 phone from Verizon, or do i switch over with him to a smart phone...decisions, decisions!

Any of you recently switch to a smart phone? Would you recommend it?


  1. I've been carrying a "smartphone" for almost 3 years now, and I can't imagine life without one. My dependence is kind of pathetic, but it's SO helpful to have access to virtually anything, any time!

  2. hello! i'm really chuffed that you're a subscriber of either my scribble interview or lisa currie blog - buuut tonight i accidently deleted all my subscribers! (i was having a play and things went sour)

    could you pretty please subscribe again?

    sorry about my mess-up! thanks for being a buddie ♥