Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh 10 year olds boys...

In the hall during one of our bathroom breaks today...

Student: Mrs. W, would you rather have a land pet or a water pet?
Mrs. W: Ummm, a land pet
Student: Like an elephant?
Mrs. W: Yes, just like an elephant

Two minutes later...
Student: Would you rather ride in the ocean on a shark...or an OCTOPUS?!
Me: Do I have to pick?
Student: Yes. It's your only form of transportation in the world.
Me: A shark I guess
Student: Hmmm, bad choice

...almost as odd as the "wet cat" incident!


  1. Oh, this made me laugh out loud! Kids really are a thousand times funnier than we could ever hope to be!

  2. Oh, if only we kept that kind of imagination forever

  3. haha, don't you love 4th graders?

  4. I WISH I could get a peek into that kind of thought process, haha!