Wednesday, March 18, 2009

from the student who brought you the "wet cat"...

Everyday when the school day ends, the kids leave as their buses are called. I have a few children who end up hanging out and staying late just about everyday. It's during this time that I really get to talk to them and learn all about the funny things that go through their heads. One student in particular, wet cat girl, makes me laugh the most.

Yesterday afternoon...
Student: Mrs. W, did your husband wear green today?
Mrs. W: No. He doesn't have much green in his wardrobe. He's not as cool as I am.
Student: Your husband is lame.
Mrs. W: Agreed
Student: So why'd you marry him then? Why would you want to be married to a lame person?
Mrs. W: Well, he's cute. And he'll do the dishes for me.
Student: Hmmm...I guess he was a good guy to marry

Student: you know what that means?
Mrs. W: Be right back.
Student: LOL?
Mrs. W: Laugh out loud.
Student: TTYL?
Mrs. W: Talk to ya later.
Mrs. W: ROFL?
Student: What?!

Made me laugh. Mainly because my kids have no idea that my generation really was the AIM generation. It's also unfathomable to my fourth graders that I too have a cell phone and know how to text message.


  1. haha...these made me smile! It's amazing all the random and funny conversations you can have in a day when you teach 4th grade! :)

  2. That is so cute. It is funny how kids don't think we're "hip" like them.

  3. This made me smile this morning, too funny. My nephews think that my husband and I are too old to understand the internet, maybe because my sister in law is nearly 45 and she doesn't get it....

  4. Haha, gotta love kids! At least it's not just my high-schoolers full of sage marriage advice!

  5. You sure did pick a good one. = )

    I think back on my elementary years and I never could have imagined my teachers having another life. So foreign!

  6. hi sweet girl :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just did some reading on yours and I love it! I also LOVEE that KitchenAid Mixer you have ;) Oh geez...only I would say that! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. Hello! I was surfing around some blogs and found yours! This post is so funny! I can totally relate- I teach 4/5/6 social studies. This year I had a 4th grade boy tell me that my shirt made me look like I was "in my 30s" and one time that my purse makes me look like a cowgirl. LOL.