Monday, March 30, 2009

great balls of fire

We have noisy neighbors living below us. Very, VERY noisy neighbors. It's a young couple (we think they're in college) and we hear everything from screaming, to furniture sliding across the apartment, to loud stomping that sounds like someone is being chased, to horrible music coming through our floor NIGHTLY. It's a rare day if we don't hear them.

Last night as we were in our living room, I was reading a book and J was doing homework, we hear a VERY loud explosion/thud sound outside. We look at one another, and thought that although it was a different noise for the neighbors, we were not gonna put it pass them. They have stopped surprising us.

I don't watch the news in the morning as I am getting ready, and I prefer to listen to music on my commute, so I always change the channel when the DJ's come on. I get to school to find my fourth graders buzzing about the "meteorite" or the "spaceship" or the "ufo" that landed in our town last night.

"Really?", I say.

"Yeah, it landed here! It was just like the one that killed the dinosaurs!" says a big-eyed little boy.

I am intrigued. By lunch, it's all everyone is talking about. Turns out there really was something flying through the sky here last night. One teacher said her husband saw a "ball of fire" in the sky as he was taking out there trash. Another claimed her whole house shook.

So, I naturally come home to investigate. Right now, it looks like all sorts of theories are being thrown around, but something definitely did fly through our sky and land here last night. Pretty crazy! And the sad thing is, I actually thought this so-called meteor/ufo/Russian space ship was the couple below. They really are THAT obnoxious!


  1. Wow! Let us know if you figure out what it was!!

  2. Holey moley! That's nuts! I smell a further post about this...

  3. Oh my word!!! So sorry you missed seeing what happened, hope your noisy neighbors quiet down soon.

  4. This sounds like our next door neighbors! They play their music so loudly that we can hear it through our closed windows at night, on weeknights to 3 or 4 in the morning! We call the cops at least every other week. So lame, but this would totally happen to us too. -e