Monday, April 6, 2009

april fool's follow up

In my last post about April Fool's Day, many of you inquired about the little joke my kids played on me. Here is what I wrote on my class blog for the parents to read...

In our lunch the room, the lunch monitors use a color system to show me how the kids behaved in lunch. Green is good, yellow means they need work, and red means it was a VERY bad day. Up until today, our class has never received red. But that all changed today! As I walk in, I see a red cup on the table, and our lunch monitor looks very upset. I walk over and see some smiles, and I say to the class,

“There is nothing funny about this! You shouldn’t be laughing about a red cup!”.

At this time, the class stands and shouts “APRIL FOOLS!”

So there you have it! Either my kids are great jokesters or I am just very gullible!