Monday, April 13, 2009

croutons from your kitchen

A few days ago I was cleaning up the kitchen and found some rolls that had gone stale. Instead of throwing the rolls away, I did what I always do in this scenario...I made croutons! I know some of you are super chefs in the kitchen, and if that's you, feel free to skip this post! But for those of you looking to add a few new tricks to your cooking, keep reading. Homemade croutons are easy, a good way to keep stale bread out of the trash, and SO much better than any store bought croutons you're going to find!

Step 1, find your stale bread. These were sourdough rolls. J likes to make homemade bread, and I also love using the ends of that to make croutons. Step 2, chop your roll up with a sharp knife. I only ended up cutting one roll tonight, since I only wanted enough croutons for just J and myself.
(sorry fonts are so small in the picture on the photo to enlarge)

Step 3, take your chopped up bread and put it in a pan. I covered my pan with foil to help with the clean up. I love using foil in the kitchen. Reynolds could hire me to do their commercials. Drizzle the pieces with olive oil. I did two big swishes around the pan (swishes....that's a real me). I also sprinkled them with salt and garlic power. Step 4, broil for 3 minutes. I used my toaster oven, but any broiler is fine. At about 2 minutes, I took the tray out and flipped the pieces around. And finally, step 5! Take out of oven and enjoy on your salad! Once you make these, you will not want to go back to croutons from a box!


  1. yummy! Im very impressed:) Homemade croutons! And I LOVE the easter basket for your hubs!! Darling....I should of thought of something fun like that for Ryan.. next year:) Yeah!

  2. Yum! I will have to try that!

  3. I don't know who you're talking about but I know I'm no ultra super chef in the kitchen lol. I'll have to try to make these sometime. I've always just bought them.

    It looks like you did a good job!