Thursday, April 9, 2009

easter eggs and cupcakes

Two things I love about my job:

1. Easter Egg Cupcakes from my room mom. So precious and delicious and I am pretty sure she has some sort of Martha Stewart hook up, as this is the 6th set of cupcakes she's made our class this year.
2. When wet cat girl brings me a hard boiled egg that she has dyed my name on. That's right folks. I now have a half puke-green, half orange hard Easter egg which reads, "Mrs. W". Life is grand.

Oh, and totally not related, but I need to gloat for a minute. I was a winner on Ali Edwards' blog this morning! What an exciting thing to wake up to. If it weren't for my monogrammed Easter egg, this may have been the highlight of my week!


  1. Those cupcakes alone almost make me want to be a teacher. Almost...

  2. Those cupcakes are awesome!

  3. I want your room Mom! Those cupcakes are awesome! If I didn't love my booster mom so much, I'd take this post as proof that I'd prefer if she stepped up her caliber of work!

  4. Those cupcakes almost make ME want to bake. Almost. But I caught myself in the knick of time. Nope.

    Happy Easter!!