Wednesday, May 20, 2009

drug abuse resistance education

Did you do DARE as a kid? I remember doing it in 5th grade and enjoying it. I mainly liked the free tshirt we got at the end because at the end of the year we all signed each others shirts. It was this cool thing I looked forward to all through out my elementary years.

My students are in DARE and every Wednesday we have a visit from our class deputy who talks to us about all the reasons we shouldn't smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol, or join gangs. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work on the teacher, as she sits and types this post with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in her hand. At least she's 21.

Today the kids read aloud essays they wrote, stating why DARE has been important to them. One student read...

"I will never smoke, do drugs, join a gang, or drink alcohol in the state of Virginia. Never ever."

Let's hope she never moves to Texas. Or Missouri. Or South Dakota....etc.

Kids + DARE = one hour of entertaining essays.


  1. We did DARE!!! We also did a program called "Just Say No" and I can still totally wear that tshirt lol

  2. Just stopping by to say hi!! I was commenting on Naturally Caffeinated Family's blog and I saw that you are in Norfolk! I live in Va Beach and don't come across too many local bloggers on here - so exciting!

    Love your blog!! I totally remember doing DARA back in the day!!

  3. We also did DARE! Out shirts were grey with neon letters. It wasn't as much fun as the "classic" ones.

    I love all the amusing moments inside the classroom!

  4. I did DARE- I think I only liked it for the shirt. and I was a goodie-two-shoes. (and still am, sigh)

    What a cute essay.

  5. I LOVED D.A.R.E!!!!!! I can still remember my officers name, Officer Duncan!! We called him Duncan Doughnuts behind his back:)

  6. DARE was the most fun in fifth grade, but then when we got to high school and our honors students were volunteers that went to our local elementary schools and taught the program it was a little less entertaining. It was all the kids doing speed pills so that they could make straight A's in their honors and AP classes that were teaching- totally hypocritical. What do you do though, right? Rat out the valedictorian? Not likely.

    Your kid's essays sound precious. I'm glad to hear their hopes are high now.. :) -e

  7. Oh, I remember DARE and McGruff the Crime Dog?? Anyone???