Wednesday, May 27, 2009

epic walks AND scary state tests

Day one of scary state tests went well. No students puking onto their test documents. Not that this sort of thing happened to me last year. OH WAIT. It totally did happen. Tomorrow we've got one more test. This one has me a little more stressed. But the good news is...only 16 more days!

And because, what's a blog post without pictures, here are two from our "epic walk" tonight. J & Layla have created the perfect two mile walk around our neighborhood, which we've coined the "epic walk". The name is very fitting!

Hope you've had a lovely Wednesday. Anyone else loving the fact that the weekend is just two days away? I love short work weeks!


  1. Ouuu I'm likin short work weeks too!!!

    pretty pictures!!

  2. You still have 16 days left of school?? Oh my goodness all the schools here are done this week!! I will pray that you get through the next two weeks!!

  3. Are you kidding me ... one of the students threw up in their test packet last year? Grooossss.

    Hope the next 16 days fly by for you!

  4. Only 16 more days....thats great! What grade do you teach?