Sunday, May 10, 2009

my wedding wardrobe

Wedding season is upon us. Between now and November, we have six (possibly seven) weddings to attend. I am excited to see and celebrate with old and new friends, however, my poor wardrobe is not ready for this!

With the internet, whatever I wear to wedding #1, all friends will see, courtesy of facebook. This means that if I wear the same dress to wedding #2 or #3, all will know. It also doesn't help that three of the upcoming weddings will have very similar guest lists, meaning I need at the very least, three different dresses. Insane! My poor checking account isn't up for this! I love looking pretty and wearing a nice dress, but I need to find a way to look different at each wedding or rehearsal dinner, while not breaking the bank. All suggestions are appreciated!

I did buy this today, from LOFT, as all of their dresses were on sale for $40 this weekend. LOFT is my friend. Not only because of this weekend's sale, but also because they love teachers and give us discounts!
So...share your thoughts. Should I stop caring? Is it okay to be seen at more than one event wearing the same dress, even if those events are one weekend after another? I know I am probably being silly. I just want to look good!


  1. I have the same exact issue. How about scouring places like TJ Maxx for good deals so you can have multiple dresses for affordable prices?

  2. Some people don't like this store but Forever 21 always has really cute dresses usually under 30 bucks. Also I would check out marshalls. They have stuff that's really nice and super cheap.

    I totally understand where you're coming from!

  3. I understand where you are coming from!! I would try to find inexpensive dresses from Target or Old Navy!! That way you can have a bunch of new cute dresses but you are not spending a ton of money!! Also Forever 21 or H&M are great places to find trendy and inexpensive dresses!! Good Luck!!

  4. Could you get a simple solid colored dress and change it up for each wedding with different accessories? I know accessories can completely change outfits... just a thought.

  5. I agree with JLS! She's absolutely right.

    My sister is the total opposite of me and makes dresses from Mandee's look as fab as my Banana ones sometimes.

    It's ALL about accessories and how pretty you feel in them. The pricetag has NOTHING to do with it!


  6. Hmm- I totally wear the same stuff over and over. But I appear to be the only one . . . and my fashion sense is not super duper so . . . yeah. Oh well. Do what you want!

  7. Top it off with a little sweater and chunky necklace for one of the weddings? And hope the shots that go on facebook are only waist up! That'll stretch things some.

    Or by just having two and alternating them, you'll be making a statement that it's ok to not buy 6 new dresses for the wedding season. I'm totally behind that. Of course, it's only making a statement in anyone notices, which they just might not.

    Sorry this is so long - I just wrote a paper and I'm in ramble mode!!!