Sunday, June 14, 2009

coffee table confessions

When we got married last July, we decided that it would make the most sense for me to move into J's place. My apartment was too small, and his had two bedrooms and a much bigger living room. At the time I moved in, there was no resemblance to anything "matching" in this apartment. Since last July, we've come a long way!

We bought the couches back in October, and the rug was a Christmas gift from my parents. The ugly recliner is really the only thing of J's that we held onto since it's Layla's chair. We don't let her get on the couches or the bed, but she loves to cuddle in the recliner with us. Even if she is a sixty pound lap dog. I'd love to part with the recliner (as it old and gross and partially broken), but I could never do that to Layla.

After buying the couches, I've been on a hunt for the perfect coffee table. I wanted a chest or trunk, and I started my search on craigslist. I found a few good things, but the problem I always ran into was either the price was too high for me, or the trunk was in horrible condition on the inside. I wanted something that had storage in it for blankets and other things. We did some searching through antique stores in our area, but the problem was the same. Everything seemed to be rotting on the inside. And there was even a time or two where we'd find the perfect trunk, but it would be a horrible color or the top would be rounded. Not ideal for a coffee table.

But, have no fear, my readers. I finally found the perfect coffee table for our home. This past Wednesday after school, I had a horrible headache, and I only wanted to go home home after leaving work; however, I'd been having some car problems, so I had to stop by a place to get my battery checked. While on my way, I passed a TJ Maxx Home Goods store. A few of my coworkers had raved to me about this place, and although I had a headache, I thought I'd stop in and see if this would cure my bad day. After finding a new Ralph Lauren bathing suit (major score!), I headed to the home goods side of the store. It was unlike any other TJ Maxx I'd ever been in. The home goods department was huge. It was more than half of the store. I wanted to buy everything, but I was good and just browsed.

And for the record, my headache had already dissolved by this point. Nothing like some good shopping.

In the back corner I found an aisle of old looking trunks, and after one glance at the price tag, I was sold. It was exactly what I'd been looking for, at the price I wanted to pay, AND the inside was (obviously) in perfect condition. And even better, J loves it, too. I was a little hesitant at first, thinking he might not like it, but we've both agreed that it's what we we had in mind all along.

So, there it is. It is already the new home for several blankets, and it seems to fit in quite well! I still come home and am excited to see it in our living room!


  1. I love your couches and that chest!!!

  2. Cute, cute, cute!
    Nice find! I love TJ Maxx, but the only thing we ever buy there are basketball shorts for my hubs. Ours is kind of cramped and unorganized.

  3. Never had much luck at TJ's maybe I should try again...
    Love that you kept the dog's recliner. Usually it's a man's we are stuck with. At least mine is italian leather, but white and awfully dirty from guess what. THE DOG!

  4. Adorable! I am OBSESSED with TJ HomeGoods!

  5. I LOVEEE your couch!! The pillows you chose are so cute!! the entire room is perfectly pulled together!

  6. I love the trunk! i've been wanting to get one too, great find! and i love your rug (and accent pillows) too=)!!

  7. I love the Home Goods Store and I love your score! Your new trunk looks greta with your couches! I don't blame you for not parting with the recliner - it has to ave some kind of setiment too, right?

  8. I loved your friends' heirloom wedding dress & you & the hubs were sure cute together for the big day :)

  9. oh I love it! the room looks awesome!