Thursday, June 18, 2009

goodbye students, hello summer!

School is D-O-N-E! Now for 2 full months of summer fun! Our last day was a fun one. My kids made me a scrapbook (with the help of my fabulous room mother), and a gift certificate to a local restaurant. While I am very excited for summer, come August, I will miss it and be ready to be back in the classroom again!

The scrapbook has a page for each kid with a picture and a little note. Some are this little poem that one student wrote about me:

Mrs. W, your eyes glow in the overhead.
Your hands are useful for most everything.
Mrs. W

And to clear up any confusion, by overhead, she means the overhead projector. As in the funny machine I use to project my writing. Apparently, it makes my eyes glow. This same student also wrote a note that said...

Mrs. W, you are the best. Some people like C don't like you, but everybody else likes you. I wish you could be my teacher next year, but you can't. I hope you will be here next year (I will!)

Really?! I can't make this stuff up. But I made sure my kids knew how much I'd miss them next year. They were a great group and unique in many ways (cough cough wet cat girl cough cough)!


  1. So cute!! Congrats on being done for the summer!

  2. Yay for being on summer break!

  3. Ohhhh I can't wait!!! Next Friday is our last day and i'n jumping out of my skin!!

    that was so sweet of your student!! :)

  4. How sweet that they made you a scrapbook!! Teaching is such a rewarding job!!