Monday, June 8, 2009

I'd like another honeymoon, please.

First things first, my feet were in dire need of some TLC, so last Thursday I went with my co-teacher to get a pretty pedicure for this past weekend's festivities. And no, that's not dirt by my left toe. Just a freckle.


Moving on to the wedding recap!

The wedding weekend was, in one word, lovely. Our friends are so in love, and it was so fun celebrating with them this weekend. J was a wonderful best man, and he looked pretty sharp, too! The rehearsal on Friday night was short and sweet. I took a photo or two, but mainly tried to finish up on my latest read. Trying to get it finished before it's due back at the library this week.

J and me at the Rehearsal Dinner.

And then there was the big day! H was a beautiful bride in her heirloom gown. Absolutely gorgeous. The reception was held in her families gorgeous backyard. It was very Father of the Bride. Beautiful old home, big backyard, tents, lights. No frozen ice sculptures, though. Could not have prettier! Oh, and did I mention the Governor of Virginia was there? We shook hands chatted in the buffet line. Just a little name dropping! Below are my wedding pictures...take note of that beautiful dress.

It was a fabulous weekend, and I must admit that I'm a little jealous that our friends are off in Key West for the week. I've probably told J ten times in the past 24 hours how I wish we were off on our honeymoon again. I could so use another week away, just the two of us! In the meantime, we'll get through my last nine days of school and look forward to our summer vacation coming up in July/August. That'll do for now!


  1. I just finished My Sisters Keeper, I really enjoyed it.

  2. REALLY love that dress. They only have it in petite on the website now :( (Probably good, though since I now own a grand total of 32 dresses)

  3. Your toes look great!

    What a lovely wedding!

    Also, I made your BBQ, and LOVED. IT. Thank you!

  4. That blue dress is so flattering! I love it!

  5. Yay for pedicures! And that wedding looks like it was awesome!

  6. Awesome pictures, it looks like a lovely wedding!! I am so jealous of my bestie who is now in St Lucia. I need another honeymoon!

  7. I have always wanted to go to a wedding in a big tent!! I have never been to one! I could SO use another honeymoon! SOON! You look so beautiful in the pictures! Love the blue dress!

  8. ahhh what fun pictures... what a beautiful wedding and beautiful drress!

  9. Aw! You both look so fabulous and happy!!