Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitchen Tools: Part Two

Thanks for all of your comments on yesterday's post. A lot of you mentioned that you have an apron but never wear it...you're really missing out!

Now on to today's favorites:

We use a LOT of garlic in our cooking. And by a lot, I mean that we go through a knot of garlic each week. It's almost always on my Sunday grocery list. The garlic press is one of my favorite kitchen tools because it eliminates the smelly odor I get on my hands when I chop up garlic with a knife. It's also easier than chopping by hand. While I love the garlic press, J hates it. He never uses it. He says it's a pain to clean and it's just as easy to use a knife. I disagree with both of those statements, but to each his own! Do you have one? Do you love it or hate it?

These were a shower gift from an old friend of mine, and I can't tell you how much I love having these in the kitchen with me. My prep bowls come out very often in the cooking/baking process. I like to pre-chop and pre-measure my ingredients, so these do a great job. We love to eat Mexican food (fajitas, tacos, burritos...if it has cilantro, I'll eat it!), and I love to put the toppings in the bowls for our serving line. They're the perfect size and so easy to store. I also have these little orange prep bowls that I bought at a flea market back in February; they're wonderful too! And they only cost four dollars. Prep bowls are cheap and can easily be found for your kitchen if you don't already have them.

Hope you enjoyed today's post with two more of my favorites! If you haven't already read it, go back and read yesterday's post with my first two favorites. Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my giveaway and two more favorites. I know I originally said my top five, but it's going to have to be top six! I couldn't leave one out!


  1. I don't know if I use garlic enough to get that press but someone who I used to nanny for loved it and used one all the time!!

  2. I have a garlic press and I LOVE it. I could not live without it. I will never chop garlic by hand. I hate the way it makes my hands smell. And the garlic press gets it so small and perfect.

    I am with you on the garlic press. They are awesome.

  3. I agree, if it has garlic or cilantro I'll eat it! I love my garlic press and dare I say it's my favorite gadget. How do you get the peel out of the press without touching it? It's the only flaw in the plan.

  4. I've never seen a garlic press even!!!! I might have to check those out! I do however love mixing and prep bowls!

  5. I agree. Prep bowls are the best. (And they make me feel a little bit like a TV chef.)

  6. We don't have a garlic press but we love us some prep bowls!