Monday, June 29, 2009

Mutt Monday

I recently started reading Jordan's blog over at Two Dogs, A Girl, and a Husband's Grace, and love her weekly Mutt Monday. I'd been meaning to share for the past few Mondays, but never got around to it. Not today, though!

Last weekend when we were out of town, poor Layla had to go to the dreaded kennel for a night. It was, as always, a traumatic event for her. When we picked her up, she was a mess and exhausted. So exhausted that she ran smack into the glass door when they brought her out to us. I know it's a great kennel, but I also have learned she doesn't like being away from her "people". When we got home she was so happy to be back. I took this picture of her wearing the bandanna they sent her home in (which J absolutely hates), and I love that she looks like she's smiling here. Because, yes, dogs do smile.

If you've got a puppy and you're interested, visit Jordan's blog and play along!


  1. Doggies definitely do smile!! She is precious :)

  2. She's totally grinning, thrilled to be home with you!

  3. Aw! I'm glad she's back at home!

  4. Dogs for sure smile:-) Ours had a similar running into a door issue after being at the kennel!