Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer 2009 Roadtrip!

I've mentioned it before, but I haven't gone into much detail about our summer road trip. On July 25, J and I will head out on an epic two week road trip for some quality visits with friends and family, some relaxation, and for (of course) some adventure. The plan is to drop the dear dog off at my parents' place (thanks mom!) and head out from there!

Places we are definitely stopping along the way:
  • B&B in Hadley, NY* (Adirondacks) for our anniversary
  • J's family's lake house on Lake Champlain in Westport, NY
  • Clifton Springs, NY to visit a cousin of J's, his wife, and their new baby
  • Niagra Falls*
  • Waupaca,WI to visit J's grandfather
  • Milwaukee, WI to visit a friend of J's from high school (and to hopefully drink some delicious beer)
  • Chicago, IL to see a friend of mine from high school(maybe a baseball game?)
  • Indianapolis, IN* to visit one last friend of mine
Some places we're possibly visiting, but haven't finalized any details:
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • NYC
  • Toronto*
  • Northern Michigan* (most likely staying a night somewhere in this area)
  • Kentucky/Ohio/West Virginia (again, looking for a place to stay overnight between Indy and coming back to Virginia)
* indicates places that neither J or I have been to visit.

So my loyal and wonderful readers, here's my job for you: please share any ideas for places we should visit, see, dine, or just plain drive through on our big summer adventure!

If you know nothing about this region of the country, no worries! Feel free to just share some of your favorite roadtrip ideas, snacks, music, etc.

We're going to be on the road for about two weeks, and we'd love to have some ideas of "must sees" along the way. If you know of a great town to visit or stay in, in Northern Michigan, please comment! The stretch between Niagra Falls and Wisconsin is going to be a long one, so we're looking for something in between to break it up a little, and we are not familiar with the area at all.


  1. Oh my gosh that looks like fun!! I can't wait to hear how it ends up :)

  2. So fun! Yay for summer!

    I've only ever been in Petoskey, which is an adorable Northern city in Michigan. It's got nearby lakes, and it's pretty gorgeous, with a fun downtown (kind of kitschy, but cute!)

  3. I hope you enjoy Indianapolis! It's a "little city," but pretty friendly for the most part. Being a Hoosier, I like it. Don't set your hopes too high. :)
    I'm jealous of your amazing roadtrip... and the fact that I haven't been to a lot of those cities!

  4. I think you should add a stop in Champaign between Chicago and Indy, but that's just me :)

  5. While you're in Chicago, you must visit the Shedd Aquarium! It's amazing and the navy pier. The ferris wheel ride is def. worth the money!

  6. You guys are going to have so much fun!! Definitely pack an ice chest full of fruit. We seem to eat a lot of junk on trips, so it is very refreshing to have fruit with us.

  7. Stop and spend some time in Door County, Wisconsin. It's a peninsula that sticks out into Lake Michigan, and has the city of Green Bay at the base. It has several cute little towns, great restaurants, scenenry, shopping, and beaches! I love it there:-)

  8. How fun! Our anniversary is July 25th (this will be our first)! I don't know anything about that area but my suggestion is to bring an ipod in case you don't want to both listen to the same thing at the same time. That's a lot of time in a car!

  9. wow you guys are going to have so much fun! i wish i had suggestions for you! can't wait to hear about it!

    ooh i always have to have snacks, we like cheddar chex mix, and granola bars come in handy (and some candy of course!)... On our trip I opened most of the packages of crackers or chex mix or whatever we had and put the contents into ziplock baggies so it was much neater and we didn't have to worry about a mess or folding bags down once they were opened, and it made it easier to munch. I also put peanut butter in a smaller tupperware container to with crackers so it had a big enough opening to dip the crackers in and not have to use a knife in a pb container with it's small opening=) have fun!

  10. there is a great place in libertyville (between chicago & milwaukee) called Firkin-- you MUST eat there!! ( : Can't wait to hear all about your trip!


  11. i don't have any suggestions but this is a brilliant idea! i'm super jealous that you are going to so many fun places!