Friday, June 26, 2009

a summer week in the life of a teacher

With all of my kitchen posting, I've done very little posting on what's been going during my first week of summer vacation. Let's back track to last Friday...
  • J and I had a 6 hour road trip to Maryland for our friends' wedding. I ate more ginger snaps than I probably should have.

  • Went to the wedding. It was beautiful. The bride's mother is from Brazil, so they did a lot of neat stuff to tie in her heritage to the wedding and the reception. I had fun taking pictures of all the pretty scenery. Here are 3 of my favorites plus one of J and myself that a friend took...please excuse the fact that it's insanely washed out. I hate handing my camera over to other people.

  • Got a flat tire on Sunday night in J's car on our way to a friend's soccer game.
  • Made some a delicious dessert, courtesy of this great recipe: oreo delight.
  • Went to the dentist. I hate the dentist, for those who don't know; I was a brave girl and came out alive with no cavities or any other oral problems. This is a big deal with my dental history.
  • Went to a local baseball game. Our city has a AAA team that is the Baltimore Oriole's farm team, and Tuesday night was turn back the clock night...which only means one thing: 25 cent hotdogs, popcorn, and sodas. I may or may not have eaten 3 hotdogs. Don't judge.

  • Got a little bit of a sunburn from laying out with some friends yesterday. Oops! Still had fun spending time with friends, though.
  • Did a ton of laundry and folded all 50 of J's white undershirts. How one person can own and need that many shirts, I really don't think I'll ever understand. Look at the giant pile of white that I had the glorious task of folding below...

And that pretty much sums up my first week of summer vacation. Talk about exciting! Tonight's plans include (but are not limited to) some True Blood, some of this for dinner, and possibly a walk if I can get over the heat.

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  1. How awesome is the roll back the clock game!?! I wish our movie theater would do that! LOL

    Ugh- laundry is on my list. Yucky.

  2. road trips and fun weekends are never complete without a flat tire!! :)

    GORGEOUS pics!!! you guys make such a cute couple!! and ummm i'd like one of those cookies RIGHT now! :)

  3. holy moley! that is a lot of white undershirts. Matt has about 30 tan undershirts so I know that feeling of folding!

    Great pictures! AND I love True Blood!!!

  4. How was that chicken? It looks good!!!

  5. That chicken looks amazing! And how in the world did you take a picture of the dentist's office without people thinking you're absolutely insane?
    Happy Summer Vacay!